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Digimon - Yamato/Taichi - Under the Sea

Posted by han4_y_kagur4 on 2006.06.07 at 16:32
Title: Greymon Appears!
Fandom: Digimon (season 1 + 2)
Pairing: Yamato/Taichi
Prompt: Under the Sea, Chapter 2
Word Count: 1764
Rating: G
Comment: Rivers at least lead into seas right? J

“Are you sure these fish will hold us?” Taichi asked skeptically of the digimon swimming alongside the raft of rainbow coloured fish. Gomamon looked back with a grin and giggled. His white fur streaked with a dark electric blue, jagged ears tipped with orange. He was still like a seal, and loved comedy.

“Don’t doubt my fish,” He said. “It’s not like they can just get up and walk away.” The little guy laughed at his joke. Get it? Fish can’t walk!

“I think I’m going to be sick. My parents called the camp and told them I was allergic to fish.” Jou said, hand over his mouth, skin looking pale with his sea sickness.

Meanwhile Mimi was looking back, along with Izumi, watching the river disappear behind them. “Uh, does that look normal too you?” The pink loving girl asked, her gloved fingers twirling hair. Izumi shook his head.

“Guys, guys…” He said warningly. The rest of the gathering turned and looked. Kuwagamon was falling along with the cliff they’d toppled off of. The rocky substance crashed into the flowing water along with the huge crimson and emerald streaked monster. It let out a horrid scream or roar before being shushed by the water. Then the wave rose up and down. It was like someone held a jump rope, with no one at the other end, and lifted their end high slowly before pushing down. The rope jumped in a ripple, and that was what the wave looked like.

“Hold on!” One of the boys cried out as everyone flung themselves front first against the fish, hands grasping the fins tight. The digimon clung with whatever way they could. After the watery mass passed, they were drenched, but still alive and beached on shore.

“Is everyone okay?” Asked Jou worriedly, on his knees ready to kiss the ground.

“Yeah I think so- Where’s Yamato and Taichi?” Sora asked, her hands fixing her blue helmet-hat and eyes looking around. “They’re… not here.”


“Yamato, Yamato. Can you hear me?” Gabumon said, Yamato vaguely heard. The blond lay on a sandy alcove, Taichi rubbing his head.

“This headache just isn’t going away.” He said to himself, finally noticing he was alone with Yamato. “Where are the others?” The male questioned, then saw Yamato completely and acknowledged the problem. “Is he dead?!”

“No, Taichi, I think he passed out.” Agumon commented, waddling over to Yamato from his own masters side. Gabumon plainly was worried. His large yellow paw sat on Yamato’s wrist as if checking for a pulse, Taichi moved in and listened to the heartbeat.

“I bet he’s full of water.” Taichi said. “Do either of you know CPR?” He really didn’t want to do this, nor did he know how to perform it correctly. However he had watched enough movies with his younger sister to know you listened, push, and breath. Or, that’s what he thought they did. When the two digimon shook their heads, Taichi sighed.

“I guess… I have to.” Swallowing, Taichi moved so he was perpendicular with Yamato’s shoulders and head as he knelt on his knees, one hand on the sandy ground. He listened for a breath, none. Sighing he took a breath himself, bent, and breathed into Yamato’s mouth while holding the boys nose. This is so weird! He pulled back and took his own breath, hand hovering over Yamato’s mouth checking for breath. Still none. Groaning he tried again. Agumon and Gabumon were clinging to one another in worry, both intently watching the brunette as he attempted this thing he called “CRP”.

And so life isn’t always “cooler” on the other side of the digital barrier.

“Yamato get up.” Taichi said, and tried once more. He paused and pressed on the other boys chest, then paused again in suspense. He was dead… he was dead… he was…

“Taichi look!” Agumon cried, jumping up and down with Gabumon. “He’s okay! He’s breathing!” They chanted happily. Gabumon quickly flung himself at Yamato, Agumon followed suit and eventually Taichi joined in. They were all happy that he was alive and fine. Water had been spit up from his lungs and he rolled onto his right side slightly.

“Get off.” Yamato wheezed out as he lay back once more. He’d stopped breathing for nearly two minutes, that could kill a person last he checked. Slowly the three let go, Taichi the last one. Clearing his throat however, he got up and pretended that he hadn’t just been hugging him.


“So… now what do we do?” Yamato asked, nearly half an hour later as he and Taichi continued to sit on the beachy alcove. The sky was slowly changing color, from blue to an orangey and red hue with streaks of white cloud. Dusk. Twilight.

“I dunno. I guess we should just hang out here. If we move we’ll never meet up with the others.” Taichi put in, looked out across the vast water that spread wide in a panoramic view. However on the other side, barely visible, were trees. Lots of them, something like a forest! The two had noticed it, but weren’t sure if it was where their friends are. How far down the river had they been taken? More importantly, where had it taken them? The digimon didn’t seem to know. But the four did know that so far, no harmful digimon were going to attack them.

Taichi lay back, his hands folded behind his head, and closed his eyes. The sea breeze was nice, too nice. It brought him back to the reality that this wasn’t… reality. This was some place called the Digital World, which as far as Taichi understood, was digital. Did that mean he and Yamato, Jou and Mimi, Sora and Izumi, little TK, were all digital now too? Could they be erased into nothingness, like deleting a file from the computer? It was a lot to think about, and it worried Taichi. But he held back his worry, masked it with bravery and would never let anyone know he was scared and concerned.

“Gabumon, what are we here for?” Yamato asked quietly, Taichi vaguely hearing. He turned his head and looked to the blond who sat about two or three yards off with Gabumon, something in his hand.

“Well Yamato, I’m not too sure.” The wolfish digimon replied, blinking slowly as he thought carefully. “I’d imagine it was because the Digital World was in such a horrible state.”

Agumon looked up as he heard this. “We’re not that bad off. Are we?”

“I’m afraid so.” Gabumon nodded sadly, to accent the horrible way the world was turning. “The Digidestined were brought here to save our world.” He continued on, explaining. “But I don’t know much more. You’re here to fight the darkness in the Digital World Yamato.” His muzzle turned back to the blond. “I have faith you can do it too.”

“That’s so touching.” Taichi said with a grin. Yamato looked at him angrily.

“What more do you want Taichi? He’s doing his best here! At least he’s not sitting on his rear day dreaming and thinking about what to have for dinner!” Yamato hissed madly, blue eyes glaring at the brown.

“I wasn’t thinking about dinner!” Taichi said, as if that were the most important part. “It’s not like we can do anything, we’re stuck on this shore!”

“There are plenty of things we can do!” Yamato shouted and stood up. “We can make a fire. Maybe the others will see the smoke.”

“Uh… Yamato. There’s no wood over here.” Gabumon said, his clawed hand gently tugging at the blue jeans like a young child asking for an “uppy”. Yamato looked around at this, then sat down. “We’re doomed.”

“We could swim.” Agumon said. “Not that I know how…”

“It’s too far anyhow.” Gabumon said. “We couldn’t even make it half way.”

“Looks like we’re stranded.” Taichi sighed and lay back, staring once more at the sky.


“What is that sound?” The two humans looked up, Gabumon’s ears raised. Agumon nodded, hearing just slightly what the wolf did. Yamato looked to Taichi, then at the water. The brunette did the same.

“Are those bubbles?” Agumon asked, his white dinosaur claw pointing at the sea. And, as he had called it, there were bubbles. Rising and boiling up from the blue wet. The sound was coming from it, and finally, from a Digimon who stood atop the pillar of liquid.

Aaaa-aaaa-aaaah. Pause. YEAH! O tha’ fishmon blow! An aqua colored female digimon sang and danced. She was busy moving around happily dancing and singing some other random words when she turned around and saw the four looking up at her from over yonder on the shore. The music stopped, as if she had her own personal band in the tube of water below her.

“Is that creepy?” Taichi asked Yamato, who nodded and exchanged a “yeah”.

“Well, who are you boys?” Ranamon, the singing digimon, asked kindly, dropping down from pillar of water to pillar of water which were forming steps as she walked. Finally she stood before them on the land.

“Uh, nobody ma’am.”

“Ma’am? MA’AM!” Ranamon looked down at them angry. “I have you know I am no ma’am. I am young and lady-like.”

“Like being the keyword.” Taichi whispered. Agumon laughed, however Ranamon didn’t. She had a sharp intake of breath, then held up her hand.

“Draining rain! She hissed, a black cloud formed above the group who scampered out of the acidy liquid reach just in time.

“Oh, I’ll get you!” Ranamon cried, raising her hand again. “Whipping waves!”

“Taichi! It’s time to digivolve!” Agumon cried out. A noisy beeping came from Taichi’s waist where the digivice sat, shaking.

Agumon digivolve to…………………. Greymon!

“That was redonculous!” Taichi cried out, falling back as Agumon changed shape and became a massive T-Rex with a brown skull over his head like a helmet. He was laughing. Ranamon screamed.

“Later kiddies!” She cried, but before she could turn tail and run, Greymon attacked.

“Nova blast!” A massive fireball formed in the dinosaurs mouth and was released. Ranamon screamed again, a wall of water being turned to steam and pushing her up high into the air.

“It’s hotter under the water!” She cried out, as if she’d been thinking her song the entire time. Far out in the distance there was a splash. She was gone, for now.

“Taichi, I’m so hungry…” Agumon said, having returned to his rookie level self and lay at his masters feet. “Do you have anything to eat?”

To The Table!

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