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Beauty and the Beast

Posted by nutti_nay on 2007.05.31 at 23:07
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Title: Beauty and the Beast
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character/Pairing: Hermione/ Draco
Word Count: 281 (Yes a very short drabbley fic)
Rating: G
Comments: My first offering for this community. Just a short one.

Bitter-sweet and strange, Finding you can change, Learning you were wrong.

She'd imagined this day. She hadn't thought she'd actually be here though. She'd never imagined him being here.

Yet here she was arm in arm with her Father. Wedding march playing from somewhere as she walked down the aisle towards her fiancé, her future husband, Draco Malfoy.

She had never imagined that she would so much as like the man. But everything had changed. She smiled, it was so clichéd. He'd changed sides during the war, had refused to kill a group of muggles he'd been ordered to slaughter. He had sort refuge with the Order knowing that he would face questioning and hatred from them.

But he had proved invaluable. He'd worked closely with Hermione during that time. Their working relationship has been tense, she hated him, she couldn't stand to be with him for more than a few minutes. But as time moved on they changed. They started to spend time together when they weren't working. Had started to enjoy each others company. And then one thing led to another as the saying goes.

And here they were. About to spend the rest of their lives together.

As they reached the alter Hermiones father kissed her cheek and gave her hand a slight squeeze before placing it in Dracos own. Hermione turned and handed her bouquet of flowers to Ginny whose pregnant stomach swelled in the front of the bridesmaid dress she was wearing. Catching Harry and Ron's eyes before smiling and turning back to the alter. To the rest of her life.

She glanced over at Draco and smiled.

Maybe it wasn't so bad being wrong.

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