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50disneysongfic's Journal

50 Disney Songfics
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Welcome to the userpage of 50 Disney Songfic! Here you'll find rules, codes, and links to all sorts of goodies! We do hope you enjoy your stay, but please make sure to follow all rules and check the FAQ before asking anything yourself.
Here's yet another offspring of the fanfic100 community! Disney Songs 50, because you can only write so many songfics! Here is a community for those who like to write and those who just love Disney in general. If writing just isn't your cup of tea then just come in and enjoy the Disney inspired fics.

This community is allowed for all fandoms, the only thing Disney is the songs that will be used.

Step 1: Join the community!

Step 2: Read the RULES!

Step 3: Make your claim here! Only one claim per person please. PLEASE DO NOT POST UNTIL YOUR CLAIM HAS BEEN ACCEPTED!

Step 3: Pick a Table from the two choices here! Once you have been accepted please post a copy of your table in your livejournal and link it back here!

Step 4: Once you have linked your table back, click here to claim your tags!

Step 5: Start writing and filling out your table! All lyrics are here if you are unsure of a song or just need a refresher!

Step 6: Once your table is completely done let us know here! Your name will be posted in the hall of fame and you will get a nice little banner saying you finished!

Click Here!

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